The Typinski Family

Why TypinInc? We are a family incorporated within ourselves; because we are each creative individuals, who work for the common cause of Family. Each one of us have different interests, strengths, talents and abilities. We support each other in our endeavors, helping out as much as possible, in whatever ways we can. But we also have our own means of expression and rather than trying to bend any individual against their will, to be a “family business,” is something none of us would tolerate.

I believe I, as the father, instilled in them the power and beauty of the written word, and a love for books, movies, knowledge and physical activity.

I believe Debi, the matriarch, gave them the ability to live compassionately, thoughtfully, through being able to communicate love, empathy and beauty; and to express themselves artistically, in many mediums. She taught them the importance of healthy foods, herbs, oils, appearance and respect; and the reward that comes from living purposefully with concern and care for others.

We chose values that helped them appreciate nature, sports, music and a power higher than us mere mortals. But we did not beat them with any particular dogma; rather, we let them seek and find their own way with guidance and trust that their choices were supported, but always, their choices.


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A Family of Independent Entrepreneurs